Mini-Me has been selected for the new Big Brother

The 2ft 8in American Actor, who played Doctor Evil’s clone Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies is ready to enter the latest celebrity Big Brother home in the UK. Apparently, the pint sized star has already revealed his game plan by promising to sabotage fellow Big Brother house mates and picking his nose and putting it into other peoples food.

The other housemates for this year's Big Brother house include world known gangsta rapper, Coolio, Swedish celebrity, Ulrika Jonsson and model Lucy Pinder. Personally, I have never been a fan of celebrity Big Brother or just regular Big Brother for that matter. I just find the whole thing a little over rated. There is nothing more boring than watching Big Brother live as it literally is just watching people sleep and eat which is just a bit strange. Every year it is just the same as the last one. You watch people betray each-other and scramble for the top spot and then watch them sell their story to the highest newspaper bidder. It is almost like watching paint dry. Everyone knows what will happen and the chances are that the producers of the show have tried to pay someone to deliberately kick up a stink in order to aggravate the rest of the house mates. However there is always something there that gets the people watching it again and again and I suppose that is whats so fasinating about it.

There is no doubt that it will be fun to see 'Mini-Me' on our screens as he is quite a character. It has been a while since he has been in the public spot light. He will obviously be most known for his part in the Austin Powers movies which were extremely popular. It would be great to see the Austin Powers movies make a come back! So lets see if Mini-Me has any secret information!

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