Movie merchandise that i wish they would make

So there’s alot of merchandise out there for movies -t-shirts, books, games, mugs, toys etc. But lets be honest- this isnt the merchandise we were hoping for -if your going to give us some promotional merchandise, make it exciting, fun -and deadly. These are just afew of the items that if we could get hold off- we’d buy them just like that.

  • A lightsabre that actually slices and dices. Admit it -Ever since it cut Obi Wan in half we’ve all dreamed of being a Sith/ Jedi and showing everyone how strong the force is with us. You’ll start fights in the street just because you’ve found someone else with one, you’ll no longer have to make the noises yourself and you’ll be able to have it in a number of colours. People would be duelling like samurais all over the place and every nerd’s dream will come true. Try very hard not to sever your own limb off in the process.
  • The DeLorean DMC-12 car. Yes, that DeLorean -ever since Back to the future we’ve wanted to jump into one and go screw about with our timelines, changing our past to benefit our future. but if everyone bought one time would keep changing every time someone went back and the whole solar system would blow up. ha! Just pulling your leg, but how much of of future would be different, just in changing the past? Now that we have an 80’s style revival going to, that cars gonna score you mega points with everyone born then.
  • Hellraiser’s puzzle hellbox. The box that Lucifer plays with for laughs can give you hours of fun by handing it off to people you dont like -teachers, dentists and the in laws need not bother you ever again. Jenny in marketing about to getting your well deserved promotion? Not anymore he’s not, that over competitive idiot thats dating girl you like can take the trip of a lifetime -leaving you free to comfort her. Just remember to buy an xbox in case you get bored and your hands get twitchy -it makes a great paperweight to when its not sending people to hell.

Need some branded merchandise that isnt going to kill you?

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