Movie Review on Brokeback Moutain

The whole country is talking about the film Brokeback Mountain and it has created no small stir. On a Sun. morning Television editorial Charles Osgood pointed out that Hollywood is not tying to put forth a gay liberal agenda but rather are interested only in the bottom line cash. Though not inferred, it sounded like capturing the minds of adults or poisoning the minds of our youth was merely an immaterial that occurred on the way to the bank. For over 30 years I have warned that it’s not just what we see on films that may influence us. Each film has a philosophy attached to it whether it was intended or not. 

Sex, violence and profanity are blaringly visible but refined philosophies are not. Today the philosophies are becoming more blatant and are even less delicate. for box office cash is not all that fuels this raw open ended sort of expression in the film industry. The mention of any sort of control [ even self control ] is had a meeting with cries of violated first amendment rights and the old liberty of expression hype. It may seem a bit over used but remains true nevertheless that Hollywood hasn’t troubled to discern the difference between liberty and license. 

A recent poll discovered that only one out of a thousand US citizens knows all the rights our constitution provides for them. On average the poll related that most people can name only one of our constitutional rights. Contrasted with that fact, it was discovered the the same folks could name three or more of the characters in the TV animated sitcom, The Simpsons. The bottom line announces that movie makers know what their rights are but the flick viewing public either doesn’t have any idea or they just don’t care. Anyone who thinks TV and Flicks don’t influence our society must be living in another country. Yet even that is not true. 

Another poll not long ago discovered that one of the explanations that pretty much every major country worldwide hates US citizens is thanks to the film industry. All they know about America is what they see in the flicks. Immorality, harebrained love, rebellion, crime, gay cowboys and general mayhem is all they see. Any country trying to keep order and develop would naturally reject this sort of example and that is exactly what they do. 

Could we get Hollywood’s attention on this, not so far but maybe we could catch them on the way to the bank and tell them. It is estimated that Americans will spend 15 years approximately of their complete lives watching Television and Films . Maybe it’s not reasonable to think John Q television watching public is going to take any time out of their fifteen years to snatch a few Hollywood producers on their way to the bank. Maybe they could protest a bit during the commercials which comprise about 5 of the 15 years of their TV and picture watching lives. Actors and others in the film industry are paid giant sums of money to do and say things most Americans don’t believe should ever be seen or uttered. Are they showing us our mind, or is art coaxing life instead of imitating it. I suppose when actors or thespians are offered tiny fortunes to behave and talk badly they must think they are living right. They too possibly giggle all the way to the bank. Most US people don’t act like actors but Hollywood can afford to make them act anyway they choose. It all appears Ok if the end [ the trip to the bank ] appears to justify the means. Some US people are a bit tired of Hollywood endorsing the way to live rather than outlining how they really live. The Bible isn’t sick of anything apart from has a lot to claim about how sick human behavior can become. Maybe it’s best said by the bible regardless of if Hollywood is listening or not. There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the techniques of death. Proverbs 14:12

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