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Strange Invaders: Caring spoof of ‘ 50s sci-fi films with a feel of ’80s New Wave, in reference to a Midwestern town overtaken by foreigners. Has a remarkable feel to it although agonizes from weak inscribing and lazy pacing. Here is an evocative score by John Addison. Cast includes Paul LeMat, Nancy Allen, Diana Scarwid, Michael Lerner, Louise Fletcher, and June Lockhart. (94 minutes, 1983)

d lover killed-and finds herself not only speculated of the offense, although stalked by a bizarre slaughterer. Not poor, and a excellent showcase for a first-rate cast, particularly Hurt, who gnaws the landscape in a change-of-pace part. Cast includes Barbara Hershey, Sam Shepard, Mary Beth Hurt, J. T. Walsh, Kellie Overbey, and Sheree North. (104 minutes, 1991)

Red Tomahawk: Commander Keel spares town from Sioux in regimen Western with numerous likable actors in the cast. Cast includes Howard Keel, Joan Caulfield, Broderick Crawford, Scott Brady, Wendell Corey, Richard Arlen, and Donald Barry. (82 minutes, 1967)

Hangman’s Knot: Above-par Scott Western engages rebels pillaging a gold shipment and Officer Scott choosing they should return it. Cast includes Randolph Scott, Donna Reed, Claude Jannan, Richard Denning, and Lee Marvin. (81 minutes, 1952)

Sin City: Sin City is a place not for the faint of heart. The streets are filled with vigilantes, crooked cops, and sexy women. Unique and brilliant cinematography and special effects create a perfect atmosphere for this world. Mickey Roarke and Bruce Willis star in this violent action thriller.

Born Once more: If one is empowered by the religious reincarnation of President Nixon’s advice after his Washington skullduggery� One may be soaked up by this one-dimensional film account. Others take heed! Cast includes Dean Jones, Anne Francis, Jay Robinson, Dana Andrews, Raymond St. Jacques, and George Brent. (110 minutes, 1978)

Downhill Racer: Lucid research of a vacant life, with Redford as tiny-town egotist who joins U.S. Olympic ski tea minutes. Essentially a character research; complication is an disgusting personality. Illuminating ski scenes make eases worth persevering. Cast includes Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Camilla Sparv, Karl Michael Vogler, Jim McMullan, Christian Doermer, and Dabney Coleman. (102 minutes, 1969)

40 Year Old Virgin: Andy Sitzer is 40 years old, and is still a virgin. When his co-workers learn of his situation, they are now on a mission to get him laid. Mishaps and adventures follow, with love just around the corner.

Bliss: High-powered businessman has a chief heart assault, sees himself dying, and then refreshes-which changes his whole outlook on life. After a dynamic opening this stylized satire slows to a snail’s pace and loses its shove. On the other hand, it was an Australian Academy Prize victor and a global film carnival top choice, so magistrate for your self. Cast includes Barry Otto, Lynette Curran, Helen Jones, Miles Buchanan, Gia Carides, and Tim Robertson. (111 minutes, 1985)

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