New American Idol Season Is Exciting

To be completely honest I’m one of those people who has a really hard time getting into Idol. I remember when it first started and I was so surprised by the show thinking that it would be a flop. By season 2 I realized I was completely wrong. The show continues to not only survive but thrive, and shows following the same model come out like Americas Got Talent. I lament the good old days of shows like Saved By The Bell.

American Idol is now into it’s 7th season and it grows larger every year. Just about every age demographic likes American Idol, which makes it an advertisers dream playground to push their products on teens and the people who buy them stuff.Sadly I may be breaking my general prohibition on the show. My girlfriend is an addict and generally once I watch 4 or 5 shows I get hooked on something.

The best part is the early shows when people perform and make themselves look foolish. I don’t even believe that the really bad people are even legitimate, they just want to get 15 minuets in the spotlight. There are a few really talented people on this season including Michael Castro and Von Smith.

I can admit that it’s great that there are many talented people who get found because they are on the show, but the whole reasoning behind it is kind of tainted in my mind. Many many talented artists out there work hard everyday to get the big one and have no hope of ever getting a contract, but these “idols” seem to have it served on a silver spoon.  With a few exceptions, most of the winners turn out to be a one hit wonder. I think this may be my year to come around to the phenomena that is American Idol, and if not I know I will love people making themselves look stupid early in the season.

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