New Designed Dr Who Cybermen for the New Fans

The Dr Who cybermen are an evil which we are all fascinated by.  In their current incarnation they represent the selfish obsession of one man, John Lumic.As opposing the aging and health battle goes, he is certainly not going to succeed in any shape or form without the cybermen.  To John Lumic the cybermen are his only means of survival, his only escape from the wheel chair which has confined him while his evil plans have grown and developed.

So what is so frightening about the cybermen?  The cybermen have one main characteristic, the same as the Doctors other arch enemy – the daleks, their lack of emotion.Without emotion we are unable to make sense of the world, the survival of the human beings is impossible without emotion.  Deep down we all know this and this is why we fear the cybermen so much.

The current cybermen as designed with a ‘c’ on their chest for Cybus Industries, the company owned by John Lumic.  This new design was quite a challenge.  The Dr Who team worked on this for a full month before finalizing the new image cybermen.

The Dr Who cybermen are one of the most feared enemies of the Doctor, partly because they have been around and return with vengeance to haunt the Doctor. The importance of the Dr Who cybermen, means that the BBC marketing machine worked hard to make sure that all the aspects were covered, you can cover your walls with full size posters of the cybermen, sleep in duvet covers with the cybermen and daleks and of course you can buy the Dr Who Cybermen action figures.  So with all this to choose from where do you start on your cybermen appreciation?  Most children will love the cybermen action figures.  The five inch Dr Who figures are extremely well made and designed.  Of course you can choose from the cybermen or their cyber controller.

What is so important about the cyber controller?  In the parallel earth the cyber control is John Lumic.  The cyber controller differs from the other cybermen in that he is more powerful, and has heightened abilities such as sight and strength.The cyber controller is easily identifiable by his visible brain and the extra sockets to allow for pipes to supply the required nutrients to the cybermen.

So if you are starting a collection for a new Dr Who fan you will need to buy at least one item of merchandizing showing the cybermen.  Depending on the depth of interest the five inch action figures are a good place to start as most new fans will be happy to start with a Doctor, dalek and of course a cyberman!

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