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The Face of Fu Manchu:  The deaths in London continue, convincing Scotland Yards that the evil Fu Manchu is still alive in spite of people witnessing his execution. The film is set in an incredible 1920s environment, with an excellent global cast. Cast includes Christopher Lee, Nigel Green, James Robertson Law, Howard Marion-Crawford, Tsai Chin, and Walter Rilla.  (96 minutes, 1965)

Double Wedding: Loy’s orchestration of her sis’s marriage ceremony is upset by the presence of free spirited bohemian Powell. The megastars are the entire show in this alternatively disheartening adaptation of Ferenc Molnar’s play Incredible Love. Cast includes William Powell, Myrna Loy, Florence Rice, John Beal, Jessie Ralph, Edgar Kennedy, Sidney Toler, and Mary Gordon. (87 minutes, 1937)

Strange Interlude: Talky Eugene O’Neill play gets to be marathon of central opinions exposed only to spectators in journal of Gable, Shearer. It is about growing old without settling their complications. This is a preoccupying film, with Shearer at her brilliant best. Cast includes Norma Shearer, Clark Gable, Might Robson, Maureen O’Sullivan, Robert Youthful, Ralph Morgan, Henry B. Walthall, and Alexander Kirkland.  (110 minutes, 1932)

Digby the Bigest in the World: Meager comedy fantasy regarding fluid Venture X, which causes sheepdog Digby to grow to large scales. Poor visual effects, too. Cast includes Jim Dale, Spike Milligan, Milo O’Shea, Angela Douglas, and Norman Rossington. (88 minutes, 1974)

Jurassic Park III: Amusing popcorn film that takes a recipe and plays it for all it’s worth as professor-paleontologist Neill is convinced to lead an expedition to the prohibited island where dinosaurs wander, however obviously he hasn’t been informed of the realities. The movie is full of scares, and lots of fun proving that a thriller kind doesn’t have to be dumb. Cast includes Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan, Michael Jeter, John Diehl, and Bruce A. Young.  (93 minutes, 2001)

Spice World: A fantasy view of a few nights in the lives of the pop phenomenon The Flavor Gals and their presence with road agent Grant. Cameos by Elton John, Bob Hoskins, Bob Geldof, Elvis Costello, The Fantasy Boys, Jonathan Ross, and Jennifer Saunders. Cast includes The Flavor Gals (Mel B, Emma, Mel C, Geri, and Victoria), Richard E. Grant, Roger Moore, George Wendt, Claire Rushbrook, Mark McKinney, Richard O’Brien, Barry Humphries, Jason Flemyng, Naoki Mari, Meat Loaf, Bill Paterson, Jools Holland, Stephen Roast, and Richard Briers.  (92 minutes, 1997)

Eagle vs Shark: A festivity of life’s oddballs, as mousy Lily sets her sights on self-fashioned macho guy Jarrod (Clement), who lives only to get revenge on the classmate who used to beat him up in high school. Cast includes Loren Horsley, Jemaine Clement, Brian Sergent, Rachel Home, Craig Chamber, and Joel Tobeck. (87 minutes, 2007)

The Age of Innocence: Humble although powerful rendition of Edith Wharton’s novel in reference to an obstructed romance between an involved lawyer and a divorcee, in 1870s Manhattan. Starts off with a super Jazz Age montage opening, then gets slowed down in static, stagy therapy as older Boles interconnects the tale of his ill-fated event to his grandson. Cast includes Irene Dunne, John Boles, Lionel Atwill, Helen Westley, Laura Wish Teams, and Julie Haydon.  (81 minutes, 1934)

I Wake Up Screaming: Amusing whodunit with Grable and Mature accused in the death of Betty’s sis, chased by decided cop Cregar. The film ends with an excellent twist. Cast includes Betty Grable, Victor Mature, Carole Landis, Laird Cregar, William Gargan, Alan Mowbray, Allyn Joslyn, and Elisha Cook.  (82 minutes, 1941)

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