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Signpost to Murder: Fugitive from an insane asylum finds refuge in home of a female whose spouse is away. Cast includes Stuart Whitman, Joanne Woodward, Edward Mulhare, Alan Napier, Joyce Worsley, and Murray Matheson. (74 minutes, 1965)

The Pajama Game: Adaptation of the Broadway lyrical hit with much of its cast intact essentially interprets the word “exuberance.” Day is a pleasure as the head of a plant complaint agency that impulsively falls in love with the new foreman (Raitt, in his only featuring film). Richard Adler and Jerry Ross’ melodies contain “Hey, There.” Dancer Haney stands out in her “Mist Heat” characteristic and in the lively “Once a Year Night” barbeque number. Cast includes Doris Day, John Raitt, Carol Haney, Eddie Foy, Jr., Barbara Nichols, and Reta Shaw. (101 minutes, 1957)

Daniel Boone: Alright action venture detailing a chapter in the life of the legendary pioneer and his leading of some settlers west from North Carolina into Kentucky. O’Brien is well cast in the title role Cast includes George O’Brien, Heather Angel, John Carradine, Ralph Forbes, and Clarence Muse.  (75 minutes, 1936)

Foxes: Foxes is about 4 teenaged gals try dealing with the normal not in our town complications carried by growing up in San Fernando Valley. Adept cast and evidently genuine motives are sabotaged by rough storyline that just isn’t gripping enough. Cast includes Jodie Foster, Cherie Currie, Marilyn Kagan, Kandice Stroh, Scott Baio, Sally Kellerman, Randy Quaid, and Lois Smith.  (106 minutes, 1980)

AI Artificial Intelligence: In the near future, scientist Hurt and his team create a highly advanced android kid who might experience feelings, containing love.  His adoption by a nice couple who have lost a child is riddled with complications. This enthralling tale draws us in, thanks in part to Osment’s magnificent performance. Cast includes Haley Joel Osment, Jude Ordinance, Frances O’Connor, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Robards, William Hurt, Jake Thomas, Ken Leung, Michael Mantell, and Adrian Grenier. (145 minutes, 2001)

Blithe Spirit: Delectable adaptation of Noel Coward’s comedy fantasy in regards to a guy whose long since passed first spouse appears to haunt-and tease him in his recently wedded life. Rutherford is remarkable as Madame Arcati, the metaphysical medium. This film made an Oscar for its visual effects. Cast includes Rex Harrison, Constance Cummings, Kay Hammond, Margaret Rutherford, Hugh Wakefield, and Joyce Carey.  (96 minutes, 1945)

Rocky 4: Entirely synthetic (and unessential) continuation has Rocky doin’ what a guy’s gotta do, avenging a buddy’s downfall and fighting for the U.S.A. against a superhuman Russian champ. Still, Stallone knows how to press all the right buttons, particularly in an awesome teaching montage. Cast includes Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Carl Weathers, Talia Shire, Burt Youthful, Brigitte Nielsen, Michael Pataki, and James Brown.  (91 minutes, 1985)

The Music Man: Peerless Preston reprises his Broadway role as a terrific sales associate con guy Prof. Harold Hil who captivates Iowa town with visions of uniformed marching band. Cast includes Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Friend Hackett, Hermione Gingold, Paul Ford, Pert Kelton, and Ronny Howard.  (151 minutes, 1962)

The Sea Hawk: Top of the line amalgamation with Flynn at his streaking best in venture on the high oceans. The film has a vigorous balance of piracy, romance, and swordplay, handsomely shot, and orchestrated with exciting Erich Wolfgang Komgold score. Cast includes Errol Flynn, Brenda Marshall, Claude Pours, Donald Crisp, Flora Robson, Alan Hale, Henry Daniell, Una O’Connor, Gilbert Roland, and Edgar Buchanan. (127 minutes, 1940)

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