Real life spy equipment- life imitating art?

With todays modern technology, the spy gadgets of fictional spies such as James Bond and Jason Bourne are in reach to those of us not employed in her majesty’s secret service -here are afew examples that will allow you to listen in.

Have to get to that computer data? The ‘USB Spy cobra’ will record all emails, IM conversations, keystorkes and websites viewed by the user.

GSM’s MobileMaster connects to any landline socket allowing you to listen to calls in realtime, will alert you if the device is being tampered with and notify you when a call comes in on that landline.

The GPS Maptracker can send the exact location of any car its in to your mobile phone, and allow you to listen in to any conversations in the car.

Need to record whilst writing? The UHF ballpoint pen with its concealed microphone and transmitter can isolate sound interference for the clearest sound recording available.

The tube keychain voice recorder is one of the smallest vioce recorders in the world- but can record an impressive 37 hours of recording time.

Other interesting spy equipment that could come in handy.

Decided to walk the dog? at four in the morning? On the moors? The Viper goggles are the smallest night-vision goggles on the market, but one of the most powerful to. Featuring easy adjustable headgear and water and fog resistance.

Checking your room for your enemies bugs is ‘Laserscan’, finding all wired and wireless devices planted by the opposistion.

To be placed in any room discretly, the ‘air freshner full system’ can remain on standby for 24 months and record both audio and visual image, giving you evidence and a sweet smelling room all in one.

Deleted mobile phone SIM card content from another mobile can be retrieve and sent to your mobile using Textspy within a matter of seconds.

with a 20ft radius and 2gb of memory, the Covert USB datastock voice recorder can record upto 5 hours of audio information and 33 hours of storage capacity.









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