Revealed: Lion King Subliminal Messages

Welcome to another post on Disney- this time outlining the Lion King subliminal messages. We will highlight several instances of subliminal persuasion being used in the Lion King.

The most widely known about example is from the scene where Simba is sitting on top of a cliff edge and the stars start to swirl and form an outline of his father in the sky. During this formation the stars briefly align to form the word “Sex” in the night sky.

The official Walt Disney response was to completely deny the use of subliminal placement within the Lion King. As always (and yes, this isn’t the first time Disney have used subliminal messages in their movies) they claim it was not intentional, just purely coincidental that the stars happened to look “like” the word sex for a split second.

You might be inclined to believe that if it wasn’t for the 100s of other subliminal messages in disney movies across their range of animations, and movies.

The picture of the night sky “Sex” message is generally the only message which the mainstream population are even slightly aware of. But, this word keeps on popping up at various scenes in the background of the movie.

They are spelled out in leaves in the jungle, in the grass , and by rocks on the cliffs – once you start looking you see these suggestions everywhere.

Once you are aware of all of these messages it seems a bit more plausible that they could use hidden messages in their films and animations. The question we can not answer though is why they do it? 🙂 It might be just for their amusement, the designers personal game, or perhaps even a ploy to make the movie more memorable.

Sadly many of these messages have been edited out for newer DVD re-releases, so you can only see them on the original VHS editions – get yours out and watch closely and let us know if you find any more 🙂



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