Review of Braveheart the Movie

Long before The Eagerness of the Christ, Mel Gibson directed another cinematic masterpiece, Braveheart. Filmed against the backdrop of majestic mountains and rolling meadows, it tells the historically-based [ yet not wholly correct ] story of William Wallace, a standard man’s soldier who led the Scottish folks in rebellion against King Edward I, sometimes called Longshanks. Written by Randall Wallace, an Yank visitor fascinated with a Scottish statue of his namesake, the script picked up dust in Hollywood for more than a decade before Gibson made the brilliant call to put it on the massive screen. Like the Keenness , it’s a call he wouldn’t regret Set in the 11th Century, Braveheart catalogs the battle of Scottish serfs who work under the savage oppression of British occupation forces. Amidst these awful conditions, William Wallace [ Mel Gibson ] falls in love with Murron MacClannough [ Catherine McCormack ]. 

Imperative on not sharing his wife [ an announcement by the king gives local rulers first-night rights to new brides ] Wallace anonymously marries Murron. Nonetheless , an British knight attacks her, sparking a fight with Wallace. Fleeing the hamlet, Wallace believes Murron has escaped and will soon meet him at a secret rendezvous point. But Murron is caught and executed by the king’s emissaries. Irritated by his better half’s murder, Wallace induces a local rebellion, massacring all of the king’s loyalists in his village. As his rebellion grows, a upset Longshanks [ Patrick McGoohan ] dispatches his mythical Northern military to break it. But the courageous Wallace delivers a stirring speech to wake his men, whilst employing an inventive battleground trick to defeat the king’s cavalry. With the power and legend of Wallace growing day by day, Longshanks depends on his daughter-in-law, Princess Isabelle [ Sophie Marceau ] to broker a truce. 

But Isabelle’s power is limited, and Wallace realizes his folk can only win liberty if backed by the Scottish nobles. Their delegated leader is Robert the Bruce [ Angus MacFadyen ] who oscillates between his own idealistic perspectives and his pa’s pessimistic pragmatism. Does the nobles join with Wallace? Will the Scots win their freedom? Only history tells us the answer With complicated costumes, clear battle scenes, and a noble hero as its focal point, Braveheart is more than your classic run-of-the-mill action film. 

Part history, part Hollywood heroism its undying idealism hits a rope with each spectator. In reality, the film itself led on to a resurgence in patriotic pride that fueled the successful Scottish autonomy movement of the 1990s. It is a testament to the strength and character of the genuine life William Wallace. One thousand years on, his enduring inheritance continues to seriously change the ECU landscape, and Mel Gibson captures the noble soldier’s keenness with an incredible Academy prize winning masterwork.

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