Review of The Best Romance Movie Casablanca

One of the best, and definitely one of the most quoted, films in cinema history, Casablanca contains all the necessary components of a Hollywood blockbuster : journey, love, intrigue, suspense, and naturally, noxious Fascist bad guys [ if you doubt this last one as an essential element, then reference the success of the Indiana to none, Casablanca makes a director [ picture ever made. and cast second to none, Casablanca makes a strong case for consideration as the best movie ever made. And although I loath clichés, it is true that they just don’t make ‘em like this one anymore… Casablanca unfolds in a place called Rick’s, a popular watering hole in Vichey-controlled Morocco on the outskirts of Nazi dominated Europe. An significant travel hub, Casablanca plays host to numerous colorful characters with any number of varying agendas. 

Arms dealers, spies, and revolutionaries walk side by side thru streets covered with thieves. But at Rick’s, everybody appears Rick Blaine [ Humphrey Bogart ] appears content with his life of serving clients and earning profits, at least till the day she walks in, Ilsa Lund [ Ingrid Bergman ], the love of Rick’s life. Less than 2 years earlier, as the Fascists moved into Paris, Rick and Ilsa fell in love. 

But in the act of fleeing the Nazi advance, Ilsa sent Rick a note at the train station informing him that she could not go with him. She offered no reason. Now, she was appearing in his conglomerate with her husband, fugitive and Nazi resistance leader Victor Laszlo. As the hours pass, and the Nazis desperately search for Laszlo in an attempt to cut off his escape, Rick learns the truth about Ilsa and her reason for leaving. 

At present, Laszlo’s destiny is in his hands. Since his days in Paris, Rick’s made a habit of being practical, both in his business life and in his personal life… But will Rick use his influence and connections to help himself or Victor Laszlo? Will his idealism prevail over his hardened pragmatism? The Third Reich is closing in, and Rick must make a call per Ilsa and Laszlo before time runs out… The recipient of widespread vital commend in the more than 6 decades since its release, Casablanca is an example of the few films deemed as a theatre classic that basically lives up to the mega-hype surrounding it. The set design, costumes, and direction are fully perfect. The dialogue is glorious. Bogart and Bergman are perfect as the lovers ripped to shreds, and Claude Rains is rememberable as Captain Renault. If you have an hatred to pre-1980 pictures or some other strange reason for missing this one, then I highly inspire you to observe Casablanca. You will not regret it.

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