Robbie Williams may appear on x-factor

Simon Cowell is rumoured to be making big plans to try and get Robbie Williams to be a judge on next year’s x-factor. It has been claimed that the current presenter on the show, Dannii Minogue may be booted off the show after a furious back stage brawl with fellow judge, Louis Walsh. Danni Minogue admitted earlier this week that she felt distressed when Louis Walsh accused her of stealing his song choice for his band, JLS for her contestant Rachel Hylton. None of these acts actually won the competition in the end but the argument has fuelled hatred that is still going strong between the two judges. Dannii Minogue was also displeased at the fact that the new judge, Cheryl Cole took her seat next to lead judge, Simon Cowell and has also looked into rumours that Cheryl Cole is actually getting paid more than she is.
Yet, Minogue has denied reports that she is leaving the x-factor competition. She has stated that the producers have told her she is staying and that she has not heard anything different. However a spokesman for the X-Factor show has said that no decisions had been made about who is staying in the competition and that it is all just speculation. Personally, I think it is quite exciting that Robbie Williams might be a judge on the show however I would only think that is mere speculation at the moment. Addititionally, you have to ask yourself what it will do for the credibility of Robbie Williams’ career as the x-factor is exactly the most highly respected event within the music industry. Liam Gallagher from the British band, Oasis has openly said that the x-factor is a sham and puts false hopes in people minds who are considering getting involved with the music industry. ‘It makes people think that getting into the music industry is easy’.

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