Sailor Saturn in Sailor Moon Series – A World Savior

Hotaru Tomoe is the ill schoolgirl known as Sailor Saturn in the manga and animation series Sailor Moon. Besides the seizures specific to the ailment, Sailor Saturn is the last of the solar system soldiers to discover the amplitude of her powers. She plays in a great team with Chibiusa and Usagi, two other main characters, who are her best mates. In daily life, Sailor Saturn doesn’t make friends with her classmates, both because of her health problems and the unique capacities she possesses. Sailor Saturn is present in the manga and the animated series of Sailor Moon. Sailor Saturn and details on her life are usually revealed in the manga form preponderantly rather than in the animations.

Sailor Saturn has the body covered with cybernetic attachments in one version, but later she appears wholy human. Differences in plot and character development alternatate from the manga to the animation; thus, Sailor Saturn fluctuates in terms of age for instance. First she is 13 then she gets reborn and is pictured as a five-year old girl, only to grow into a 13 year old all over again. As for her secret powers, Sailor Saturn learns about their existence only when Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto unite their talismans and make her resonate.

Though possessing a planetary destructive weapon, Sailor Saturn is a world savior and a redeemer, allowing mankind to get reborn by putting an end to the destructions caused by the Silver Millennium kingdom. After the rebirth and the assumption of a new life, Sailor Saturn is a lot more vivid and definitely happier. She wants to be a nurse some day, particularly as she discovers some of her healing abilities. If we were to discover a philosophy at the heart of the series, Sailor Saturn stands for the all necessary doom: rebirth is only envisaged in the presence of death, thus, her weapon, the Silence Glaive can throw a world into complete destruction or annihilation only to make it resurge in a purer form later.

With every number in the manga series, Sailor Saturn improves her powers. Her uniform shows the changes in her statute, since after each major trial, a detail is added to suggest the modifications. One has to be a real fan to read episode after episode, as it is pretty difficult to grasp the complexity of the plot in its mid development. Present in Japanese and English variants of the series, Sailor Saturn completes the rest of the characters with her presence.

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