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Behind The Scenes With The

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time


Hi, my name is Paul Mario and I was watching Satellite TV On my PC when I came across the movie trailer for the latest Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (to be released in 2010). I think the prince of persia game is fantastic and I am very keen to see a film based on the game. Jerry Bruckheimer is the director, he also directed films such as the Pirates of the Caribbean. I plan to tell you about the behind the scenes of this movie and finish with a link to so you can download software transforming your PC into a free Satellite TV

According to an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer, the movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal who has been in many good movies including   Rendition (2007), Zodiac (2007) and Brokeback Mountain (2005). Sir Ben Kinglsey also stars in the movie.

The Prince of Persia follows a street urchin called Dastan who is befriended by the King because of his bravery. The King wants the young man to be part of his family; despite the fact he already has two sons. The King doesn’t want the two sons fighting over the crown.

Dastan has a love interest with a gorgeous princess. So, this film has wonderful romance, grand adventure and impressive action.

Jake brings his attractive looks to his character. He really worked out for the part and, hence, is in fantastic shape. He’s also a brilliant actor, young with loads of talent.

It was filmed in Morocco during the hot summer; therefore the heat reached 100 degrees. The actors had to wear big costumes, but they lived through the experience.

Jake explains “the movie is so enormous and so many people have put their time and energy into making a film like this. It’s excellent.”

Jerry emphasizes that the film is a massive epic set in a huge world with massive fantasy. It far outweighs what you may have viewed in other movies. Jake is quoted saying Jerry is trying to outdo Jerry.

Unfortunately, you have to wait for this movie.

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