Say Yes to everything!

Jim Carrey's last comedy hit, 'Yes man' has gone straight to the top of the UK box office in its first weekend of release. The film is originally based on a popular book by an English writer named, Danny Wallace. The book is based on his own life and his radical decision to simply say 'Yes' to everything. The film took a whopping £2.3m over three days.

The top three best films of Christmas in the UK were also comprimised of Bedtime Stories from funny man Adam Sandler which managed to take £1.5m and Baz Luhrmann's epic, Australia took just over £1m. According to various critics from all over Hollywood, Australia was some what of a let down in terms of integrity. The idea was good however I do not believe that Nicole Kidman was up to the task as much as Hugh Jackman was. Personally, I think they are in two completley different leagues in terms of acting ability.

It is surprising how Jim Carey manages to always find some sort of niche for his projects. He surprises me as an actor who can apply himself into so many different roles. He is arguably one of the most versatile actors of this generation. When you compare films such as 'Eternal Sunshine for the spotless mind' and 'Ace Ventura' it really doesn't seem as though it is the same guy doing it and that is what makes him special. I have seen the 'Yes man' film and it is very funny indeed. Jim Carey plays an average man with an obsession of saying ‘no’ to people. After his friend takes him to a local rally about being positive, Jim Carey’s character is then compelled to say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity that comes up. It is a light hearted and funny film and I would recommend anyone to go and see it!

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