Spongebob Collapse

A game designed on an animation series, SpongeBob Collapse does not follow the peculiarity of the cartoon ; some people considered it a success, while for others it was an utter disappointmnet. SpongeBob Collapse is a puzzler that takes just some artwork and graphics from the animation series without any voice acting at all. The game is an average kind of entertainment that emphasizes a medium strategy level with lots of mouse clicks. For some players, the click frenzy gets too high along the way and makes the game pretty uncomfortable.

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SpongeBob Collapse starts from a few rows of colored blocks on the background of the underwater world. From time to time more raws are added, and the player needs to click on the same color groupings counting at least three blocks. The strategy part of SpongeBob Collapse consists in the player’s attempt to create as many sizable mono-color combos as possible so that the entire board my be cleared easily. Whenever you succeed to eliminate all the blocks, a score bonus will be granted to you. The more points you accumulate, the higher the speed of the blocks combined with a change o color and structure.

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The main downside of SpongeBob Collapse results from the high speed levels of the game that don’t allow one to stick to strategies any more. The player starts clicking rather mindlessly on the board in the attempt to eliminate as many blocks as possible before they reach the top. From this point onwards, there is little incentive present in the game. Therefore, don’t pay for the download until you have tried the one hour demo.

spongebob collapse

Presently, SpongeBob Collapse can be accessed with many web sites, including Yahoo! and most of the advertisements will make one believe that the game is worth paying for; however, make sure to try the demo before you pass any judgment on the game features. Real cartoon fans will be the first to look into the details to see how much there is from the real SpongeBob SquarePants show preserved in the structure. For small children, the game seems okay as it may improve the ability to focus on a specific task, but it is up to the parents to decide whether SpongeBob Collapse is worth paying for or not.

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