Sports Programming on Cable TV

One of the great things about modern cable and satellite TV is all of the sports programming now available to subscribers across the country. Specialized sports packages like ESPN Gameplan give the customer access to nearly 20 college football games every weekend.

The motto today is “Content is King” and as the saying goes the networks want to bring as much sports content as possible to the end user so they can sell more ads. Lots of new all-sports channels have sprung up in the past couple of years. Some of these include Altitude Sports, which carries NBA Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche games, and also the Big Ten Network and the Mountian, the network of the Mountain West conference.

Certainly these networks are great for fans in certain areas, disputes between the providers of content and those who deliver the content have resulted in trouble at times to the customer. For example, the Big Ten Network began broadcasting in 2007, but they were in a carraige dispute with cable TV provider Time Warner. Customers of Time Warner in the midwest were not able to see some of the local teams play due to this dispute. Fortunately, the parties came to an agreement before the fall football season, so customers could remain with with Time Warner instead of having to switch to one of the satellite television providers like DISH Network or Direct TV.

Specialized sports programming packages are another option hard core sports fans should consider. The NFL TV Sunday Ticket package is exclusive to satellite TV, so if you want this football fest, you have to switch. This has upset some consumers, who do not understand why a high demand package like this isn’t available to every provider, especially a big company like Time Warner. Alternative sports bundles though are more friendly to subscribers, such as the National Hockey League Center Ice and the NBA League Pass, which are available on almost every cable TV and satellite company.

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