Star Trek hasnt reached the final frontier yet

The new Trek movie has engaged the warp drive and beamed the general public aboard -i have no idea what ive just said there. This new old Star Trek movie has introduced an entirely new generation to the sci fi series, giving them the beginning of the Enterprises adventures. The film has taken $73 million in its opening weekend, so is this going to see us get more Trek movies?

The film is a prequel, set at a time where before James Kirk is captain of the enterprise and sets off to join Starfleet. We’re shown how the enterprises crew is brought together- from Dr McCoy, to Mr Sulu and of course -Spock. The movie also gives us a cameo from a character from the original series- but i wont spoil that here. The reboot brings the Star Trek franchise back to life, as for awhile there hasnt been any TV shows or a movie as interest in star trek appeared to be dwindling. The last Star Trek film was made in 2002, and the news was that another tv show was cancelled due to falling interest. Like the Kirk/ Picard battles this has split Trek fans into two camps, as some people are caring for the added action over intelligent plot, which is probably what is making it more accessible to the general public. So where does the franchise go from here then? Will that once canned tv show see an appearance at last? Or more importantly, will we get another movie out of it?

The film also has a higher amount of humor than the tv shows- most of it coming from Britain’s own Simon Pegg as engineer Scotty. So why has this movie brought the franchise back? Everyone is sort of familar with the original crew whether you watched Star Trek or not, the director has also punched up the humor and the action -making it a worthy summer blockbuster.

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