Stream Movies and TV Shows For Free On Your Home Computer


Stream TV Shows and Movies For Free On Your Home Computer

The internet can be used to get around certain laws depending on your currents federal laws and what you plan to do. For example, it is classed as illegal to download movies and music onto your personal computer without paying for it or downloading it from an official site.

Its also illegal to host movies and mp3’s on a server is certain countries like usa and the uk, so what people have done to get around this is host the content on servers based in countries that don’t class it as illegal and arnt as tight on the copyright laws.

There’s a website called which is linked to a very fast server where tons of free TV shows and movies are stored. As the server is pretty quick all the videos you watch on play in real time, that don’t pause every 5 minutes to buffer and there server is capable of running movies smoothly even at the busiest points.

The site is 100% free and legal for people in places like the usa and uk to view the content. Sites like netbaza are hard to come by, there are so many sites streaming videos from poor servers and when you come across a site like netbaza that has ample server resources then its best you bookmark them.

Recently the technology gods released a wireless media streaming box which you plug into your home cinema and it allows you to stream videos from your computer to your TV. You can now watch your favourite tv shows online on your TV whenever you want. You can also stream free movies online from any website like netbaza to your TV so now you wont have to plan your night out around your favourite soaps.

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