Subliminal Messages in Disney Exposed

Disney Subliminal Messages

This is an article about the many disney subliminal messages which have been found in various movies over the years – We will talk about that a little more in a second, but here is a basic definition of subliminal messages:

The word subliminal when translated literally means “below threshold”, i.e. beneath the level of our perception. That is a littlemisleading, as for subliminal messages to really work, they need to be perceived on some level, so although you won’t consciously notice them your UNconscious mind will and you will process the message without even realizing it. Subliminal messaging therefore describes the act of sending messages directly into your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind is powerful enough to process 1000s of messages and peices of information without your knowledge.

Are there really hidden Disney subliminal messages?

To sum it up, yes there are.

In fact, there are both hidden, and visable messages in Disney films – they are present in most Disney movies.

Every time a new Disney film is released the subliminal message seekers and conspiracy theorists race to be the first to find them.

Which Movies Have Subliminal Messages?

Most of them!

Disney’s “subliminal history” goes back many years – it is said their use began with angry employees who got left out of the credits of the early movies – they got their revenge by including subtle references to themselves in future productions.

The earliest example of this is from the first Goofy short movies; the designers called characters after each other to get their names remembered. The sophistication of subliminal messaging would only get more advanced however; most commonly animators would hide the word “sex” in the background of the scenes throughout the movie, but some would go as far as including short clips of naked bodies in strategic places.

Walt Disney wasn’t impressed when this started happening, but he was talked round as apparantly the messages made his movies more memorable – anything to get the films talked about was good for Disney – any publicity is good publicity.

People now expect the emssages in Disney movies and it has actually added a quality to the brand, it is debatable now whether it is just the animators, or the design teams / management at a higher level who specify the use of these hidden messages.

View oursubliminal disney page to see these subliminal messages for yourself from movies such as Aladdin subliminal messages, Lion King, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, and much more.


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