The 3rd film in the Subculture story

The third film in the Subculture saga goes back masses of years to explain the origins of the feud between the vampire Death Dealers and the werewolf Lycans.

Taking over directing obligations from Len Wiseman in Rise of the Lycans blu-ray, is rookie Patrick Tatoupolos, known for his creature-designing needs in Godzilla ( 1998 ), I Am Legend ( 2007 ), and the 1st 2 films in this series.

Less an action-horror film than an old-fashioned “sword-and-sandal” film with monsters, Rise of the Lycans blu-ray finally gets to the root of why those vampires and werewolves actually can’t stand one another.

Ruled by Viktor ( Bill Nighy, Valkyrie), the classy, vampiric Death Dealers keep the wolflike Lycans as slaves. When a captive Lycan girl births a human boy, Viktor resists the desire to kill it, instead naming him Lucian and keeping him as a pet.

Lucian ( Michael Sheen, Frost/Nixon ) grows up to be a blacksmith with the facility to change between human and wolf and starts a surreptitious love with Viktor’s daughter, Sonja ( Rhona Mitra, Doomsday). Viktor learns of this prohibited love and takes drastic steps to ensure that Sonja will never be in a position to see Lucian again.

Lucian, in retaliation, leads a Rise of the Lycans blu-ray slave revolt, ensuing in an all-out attack on Viktor’s dominion. Though viewers who have skipped the first two installments of the saga may feel a little left out when it comes to the mythology of the series, Rise of the Lycans blue ray dvd hits the ground running and does not permit much time for queries.

While Glaze has been praised for his work in more traditionally dramatic films, here he gives his all to each growl and battle cry. Mitra is an appealing presence as Sonja, and Nighy is visibly relishing the chance to glower in his blue contacts and chew the moonlight-bathed scenery.

If you’ve had enough Oscar-nominated oatmeal, and you are in the mood for a gigantic bowl of sweet cereal with no nutritional content, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans blu-ray is ready for you to sink your fake fangs into it. Whilst Alfred Hitchcock and more not long ago M. Night Shyamalan have teetered between whether to pen to pen roles for themselves into their own scripts, there’s no tottering for Subculture character writer Kevin Grevioux.

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