The best spies that film has to offer us

Everyone has their favourite spy -a person who’ll overcome all obsticles to do whats needed for their country. These are the super spies with a license to kill, and to entertain.

Bond- James Bond. It just wouldnt be a list of top spies without him would it? With a gorgeous girl on his arm, the best gadgets and tuxedo neatly pressed while saving the world, Bond showed us how to do things with style. Everyone will argue for hours over who was the best Bond, but never whether 007 deserves his legendary status. Bond is the person we think of when we hear the term ‘spy’, and nobody does it better.

Harry Palmer- Micheal Caine played this spy. Taking a completely different route to the Bond films, Palmers world was much gritter, and the man himself was a mirror image of 007. With glasses and lacking Bonds class, but certainly not his ruthlessness, Palmer proved himself to be a top spy in his own right.

Austin Powers -the 60s number one spy, who was unfroze in the 90s to fight Dr. Evil. A send up of all the great spy movies and spies, he had Bond gadgets, Palmers glasses, and his own unique charm. The mission would be successful, but not without a good laugh or twelve on the way. The Austin Powers movies paid trbiute to creator Mike Myer’s favourite spy films and carved out a niche all of their own.

Jason Bourne. Millions of dollars and the training made him the man for the job, but we first met Bourne having bullets pulled out of him, and no memory of who he is. Bond didnt adapt greatly to the new millenuim, but Bourne slotted in brilliantly, blending into the crowd to work, but not above acting when the moment called for it. Tracked by the very people who’d trained him, it was their very training that saved him time and again.

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