The Classiest Dame at the Globes: Sarandon does it with Pearls

Watch Susan Sarandon on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes

After last year’s cancellation, The Golden Globes were back with a bang on Sunday night. Like always, there was as much interest in what the celebrities looked like on the red carpet as who won the awards. But in amongst the dazzling gowns and sparkling diamonds, perennial Hollywood icon Susan Sarandon caught my eye with her stylish and sophisticated long pearl necklace, made by New York boutique designer Fred Leighton.Susan clearly loved showing off her pricey pearls and even asked the designer if she could hold on to them.  I’m not surprised – it was a combination of the iconic sophistication of pearls with a modern, funky twist.

But does the fact that Susan Sarandon, aged 62, was one of the only A-listers adorned with pearls on the night mean we are going back to the stereotype of pearls only being worn by old dears?Hell no! Pearl jewellery has a timeless elegance and charm if you know how to wear it. The key to looking stylish with pearls is don’t settle for ubiquitous lesser stones!A word of caution – you need to be wary of the many low grade and poorly fashioned eBay pearls out there.  If you’re on a budget, go for natural freshwater pearls which can be beautiful.  But for the true celeb treatment you should spend that little extra on saltwater pearls, the choice of Susan Sarandon on Sunday night.

Take a look at our pick for the Top 5 celebrities who have made pearls the style icon that they are today. I’m sure you’ll agree, each of them are classy in their own way and yet very different characters.Proof, if proof was needed, that it should be pearls, not diamonds, that are a girl’s best friend?

5. Jacqueline Kennedy – America’s most beloved First Lady wore her jewellery with classic grace and elegance, and her triple strand pearl necklaces became an icon for women’s sophistication.
4. Liz Taylor – the epitome of all things glamorous and elegant in her day, Elizabeth Taylor gained royal status in the pearl kingdom by owning the world’s largest pearl necklace, La Peregrina, as worn by a whole range of European queens and princesses!
3. Sarah Jessica Parker – the Hollywood fashion icon made pearls the new hot celebrity trend by adorning an exquisite pearl necklace in 2008’s Sex and the City movie, and has been spotted with pearls on many a red carpet in recent years.
2. Diana, Princess of Wales – Who can think of Princess Di and NOT think of her signature pearl necklaces, brooches and pearl-encrusted outfits. 
1. Audrey Hepburn – Who can forget the classy black dress and simple pearl necklace in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? She is arguably THE style icon of the 20th century, and will forever be associated with pearls.

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