The Importance of Finding the Best School Backpacks

As parents we try to prepare our children for as much as possible in life, but this is a hard challenge.  We are more likely to achieve our big challenges if we do not have too many little issues to distract us.  Childrens clothes and accessories need to be practical.  We need children to learn, but when it comes to getting out of the door in the morning we need to know that they can quickly put on their shoes, coats, hats and bags without a major trauma.

So what do the best school backpacks have which the others don’t?
The best school backpacks need to be practical, comfortable, indestructible, always in fashion, carry everything and never get to heavy!  Unfortunately this cannot be realized until the tardis becomes a scientific reality and a gravitation free zone can surround the backpack.  While we are waiting for this to happen there are other important factors to consider.

The size of the best school backpacks
Some children will decide that everything should go to school with them.  In a perfect world we would have time in the morning to check that nothing unsuitable was in their school bag, however, with three minuets to leaving time this is not always practical.  If your backpack is too large a child may just fill all the available space.Equally, you do not want every precious piece of artwork and homework crinkled as it is forced into a bag which is too small.  If you get a backpack which is just a little bigger than the main book or folder used you will probably be OK.If one day the item does not fit in, it is time for a clear out, or at least a check to find out what is hiding in the bottom and taking up precious inches.

The design of the best school backpacks
A school backpack must be comfortable.If it is uncomfortable you will have a whining child and you will unavoidably end up carrying the bag yourself.  The straps should be adjustable and wide to stop them digging in.There should be a separate compartment for food stuff.  This will stop the food getting squashed and the work getting covered in food or a leaking drink bottle.  The backpack should be water proof, or at least splash proof for the winter months, while it should still be manageable in the summer warmth.

The look for the best school backpack
There will always be a fashion element of a school backpack.  There are several things to consider before you decide to go out and buy a backpack covered in the latest craze.  Firstly, anything which is seriously ‘in fashion’ can also quickly become seriously out of fashion!  It is amazing how fashionable a simple single coloured backpack can become with a few well chosen key rings and stickers.

Finally, your child must like the backpack or you have lost before you even started.  If they are not sure about it, take them to look at the accessories which could go with it.  Look at the stickers, ribbons and keyrings which can be used to decorate the backpack you may find that they start to see things differently.

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