The Legend of the Dr Who Daleks

The Dr Who Daleks are legendary, there have been countless children and quite a few adults who have dived for cover simply at the appearance of the daleks.  So why are the Dr Who Daleks such an entity to be feared?

The Daleks are almost as important as the Doctor and the Tardis.  The tragic story of the Doctors life is based on his failed mission to try to destroy the Daleks.The Time Lords, who understood the devastating effects of the Daleks on the universe, sent the Doctor back to the time when the Daleks were created.  The Doctors mission was to go to the planet Skaro, where the Daleks were created, and to prevent them from ever existing.  Once the Daleks found out about this Time Lord plan they set about destroying the Time Lords and everything which they stood for.  The Doctors failure in his mission resulted in the most terrible battle which destroyed the not only the Time Lords but also their home planet of Gallifrey. However successful the Doctor is in the destruction and dominance of the Daleks you can be sure that they will never be completely eliminated.   

The Dr Who Daleks are constantly revived throughout the series.  Their reappearance is always a reminder to the Doctor of his failure and the loss he has suffered as a result of this.  So the Daleks are dreaded by the Doctor more than any other entity in the universe.  They are the one race for whom the Doctor will never offer a second chance.

The Daleks are an emotionless, alien nation who are feared throughout the universe.  There are only four daleks who have names, Dalet Thay, Dalet Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Sec, these form the Cult of Skaro.  The Cult of Skaro has a special mission which is to find new ways to kill their enemies, including the Doctor. 

The Dr Who Daleks are feared by all, but they have featured in some of the most famous Dr Who stories.  Even the newest Dr Who fan will have encountered the Daleks and will know their famous declaration to ‘exterminate’.With the return of the Master the Doctors nightmares have been realized more than he could have imagined.   When dealing with both of these evils the Doctor has to accept that he is dealing with an enemy as intelligent and experienced in the ways of the universe as he is.This keeps the Doctor on his toes, and no confrontation with either will be easily lost or won.

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