The Legend of the Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Explained

Every new fan of Dr Who has to have a Dr Who sonic screwdriver!My son can do anything with his, it not solely opens doors, it cools his supper, helps him tidy away the toys, anything you can think off, his Dr Who sonic screwdriver can do it (or help him do it)!  Having looked into the history of the sonic screwdriver, I think he may have the right idea…

The Dr Who sonic screwdriver first came onto the small screen in 1968.Since then it has been in and out of fasion and altered design a few times.  One of the Doctors assistants, Romana, even made her own sonic screwdriver, while the doctor gave Sarah Jane Smith a sonic lipstick, so there are defiantly variations to the design.

The latest Dr Who sonic screwdriver is rather a good one.  It glows blue at the end and makes a humming noise.  The capabilities of the sonic screwdriver are also enhanced and it is used by the Doctor for all sorts of new things.  The sonic does have its limitations, in an encounter with the Slitheen the Doctor tries to suggest that he will use his sonic screwdriver to convert a bottle of port into a weapon.  The Slitheen realize that this is not within the capabilities of either the Doctor or his trusty sonic screwdriver and the Doctor suggests an alternative route – “Run”.  In the episode ‘The Doctor Dances’, Captain Jack makes fun of the Doctors sonic screwdriver and tries to impress Rose with his sonic blaster.

The Master does get the icing on the cake, however, when he arrives with a laser screwdriver.The laser screwdriver has a completely different function to the sonic screwdriver.  The Dr Who sonic screwdriver is not a weapon, the Doctor tells us in Doomsday that the sonic screwdriver will not kill, wound or maim.  It is a tool which the doctor uses to his advantage.  The Master, however, has a different agenda, his laser screwdriver is designed to kill and also to age the Doctor, using the Lazarus technology.

We also discover that a new sonic screwdriver can be replaced by the TARDIS, but for those of us who do not have access to a TARDIS, Character toys make a good substitute.  The Dr Who sonic screwdriver comes in two basic designs, either a pen or torch design.  Which ever you choose you can be sure that any child will reveal the depths of their imagination when they tell you all the things which their sonic screwdriver can do!

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