The Truth about the Dr Who Scarf

Finding a good scarf can be hard for the most fashion conscious of us, but to find a good Dr Who scarf is an altogether different challenge.

What is a Dr Who Scarf?
There is only really one true Dr Who scarf, and that has got to be the fourth Doctors scarf.  This was a long knitted, bohemian style scarf which flapped around and made the Doctor easily distinguishable. 

Is There One Definitive Version Of The Fourth Doctors Scarf?
The history of the fourth doctors scarf is not quite as simple as one would guess.  The scarf started off at thirteen and a half feel long when it was introduced during season twelve.  This was however a little too unwieldy, and inbetween filming the Sontaran Experience and the Ark in Space a section of blue grey was removed.  During the Ark in Space the scarf gets blasted by a security system which leaves a small hole in the purple beige end of the scarf.For the rest of the season the scarf remained unchanged.

The scarf was trimmed again at the beginning of season thirteen to a mere twelve foot.The Dr Who scarf stayed in this format for the remainder of the thirteenth season.

Season fourteen saw a confusing time for the Dr Who scarf, there were actually two used during filming, one was ten and a half feet long, while the other was only ten feet long.  In most of the episodes of this season the shorter scarf is used for indoor filming, while the longer one is used on outdoor shoots.There is one anomaly, the scarves are switched around in the Hand of Fear.

There is one longer version of the Dr Who scarf, a whooping seventeen foot scarf.This is used in three different episodes; Image of the Fendahl, Underworld and Invasion of Time.  Strangely enough, this Dr Who scarf design had the shortest life span of any of the scarves.

The BBC did release the design for the Dr Who scarf, however, the version of the scarf they produced was actually the third and not the original version.

In the final two seasons of the multicolored Dr Who scarf, it was quite severely adapted.  This scarf was a combination of two previously used scarves.  This was finally replaced in the fourth Doctors last season, season eighteen, with a burgundy striped scarf.  This burgundy scarf started off at around twenty feet, but stretched during the season to a huge twenty four feet.

So if you are going to find your perfect Dr Who scarf you do have a choice.  The most important thing about your Dr Who scarf is to wear it with flare and to enjoy it.

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