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Strange Bedfellows: Hudson ambles through another domestic mix-up comedy, this one with spicy Gina and lots of dry humor. This movie is light amusement that was filmed in London. Cast includes Rock Hudson, Gina LolIobrigida, Gig Young, Terry Thomas, and Nancy Kulp.  (98 minutes, 1965)

Metropolis: Classic silent film fantasy of futuristic city and its mechanized civilization, with upperclass youthful guy leaving behind his life of luxury to join overpowered employees in revolt. Cast includes Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Froelich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, and Fritz Rasp. (124 minutes, 1927)

Slave Girls: Too glamorous Andress seized by locals and painted in arrangement for sacrifice in a scene essentially equivalent to that prompted by ex-spouse John Derek for current spouse Bo years later in Tarzan, The Ape Man. Cast includes Ursula Andress, Stacy Keach, Claudio Cassinelli, Antonio Marsina, and Franco Fantasia. (93 minutes, 1978)

Food of the Gods 2: This time, as a result of hormone experiments gone bad, tremendously big rats terrorize a college campus. Cast includes Paul Coufos, Lisa Schrage, Jackie Burroughs, Colin Fox, and Frank Moore.  (91 minutes, 1989)

Agency: Eccentric mind bender, loaded with plot deceptions, in regards to imaginative boy (Keyworth) whose dad is a cop and whose mom is blind. The father is chasing a man on a murderous bender in which the people dying are all sightless ladies. Cast includes James Fox, Fanny Ardant, Paul McGann, Clare Holman, Robert Stephens, David Thewlis, Susan Wooldridge, and Ben Keyworth.  (94 minutes, 1981)

No Man Is an Island: Spotty production values harm real tale of serviceman Hunter snared on Guam throughout the 3 years Japanese commanded region. Cast includes John Friars, Jr., Richard Goldstone. Jeffrey Hunter, Marshall Thompson, Barbara Perez, Ronald Remy, Paul Edwards, Jr., Rolf Bayer, and Vicente Uwanag.  (114 minutes, 1962)

Trade: A thirteen-year-old gal is kidnapped by members of a sex-trafficking ring. As her older sibling follows her track, he hooks up with a Texas cop (Kline) who has his own rationales for chasing this outfit of bad guys. Downbeat drama reveals a stunning, debasing circumstance, although it’s maddeningly choppy, one second daring and commanding (particularly with Finnish actress Bachleda) and the next remarkably corny. Cast includes Kevin Kline, Alicia Bachleda, Paulina Gaitan, Kathleen Gati, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Anthony Crivello, Linda Emond, Zack Ward, Cesar Ramos, Marco Perez, and Tim Reid. (120 minutes, 2007)

Gypsy Girl: Gypsy Girl is a brooding account of backward Hayley Mills finding her first romance with McShane exciting yet unstable. Cast includes Hayley Mills, Ian McShane, Laurence Naismith, and Geoffrey Bayldon. (102 minutes, 1966)

A Nightmare on Elm Street the Dream Child: Fifth iin the Freddy Crugar series with everyone with the exception of Englund just going through the paces. Here, scarred, dreamhaunting Freddy Krueger (Englund) uses the unborn child of Wilcox to strike at her buddies. As typical, visual effects are a highlight however don’t spare the film from being a bore. Cast includes Englund, Lisa Wilcox, Kelly Jo Minter, Erika Anderson, Whitby Hertford, and Danny Hassel.  (89 minutes, 1989)

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