Using a Freephone Number for Talent Shows

Popular talent shows such as Britains got Talent have been on our screen for years. Over this time we have seen stars be created and then chucked out into the rubbish like they never were here. Yes the world of pop and stardom is a million dollar industry that just will not stand for people that are not making the money.

These shows let the public decide who will come out the most victorious by calling at a charge. If you are an avid viewer and voter you can imagine the bill that will come to your home at the end of the month and even the end of the series, you could be paying a fortune for ringing a reality tv shows phone number.

I am sure these shows earn enough money to offer 0800 number voting procedures to viewers, but will this work for such a format? Or will it end up a terrible mess; let us quickly glance over the positive and negatives of both.

1) It will allow contestants to garner more votes as people will not hesitate in calling
2) The episodes would get a lot more coverage as they are showing a more sensitive side to themselves.

Now let's take a quick look at the negative effects of implementing an 0800 number on reality shows.

1) Bulk voting will probably end up jamming up phone lines causing the most popular to get the least votes.
2) Hate and sympathy campaigns against certain acts will be stronger as people will constantly dial to give them more or less votes.

So looking above you can see that the bad triumphs over the good. But for any other industry, such as customer relations there will be a huge amount of positive effects compared to the negatives and it is definitely something each and every business should be considering.

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