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King Kong: Classic rendition of the beauty-and-beast topic is a movie goers must, with Willis O’Brien’s visual effects and expression of beast monkey Kong still unsurpassed. Very last scene atop Kingdom State Developing is now movie theater legend and Max Steiner�s music score is additionally memorable. Cast includes Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot, Frank Reicher, Sam Hardy, Noble Johnson, and James Flavin.  (103 minutes, 1933)

Day Watch: Weak, perplexing, and endless continuation to Night Watch in which the powers of the “light” and the “dark” are at it once more. After being framed, Anton (Khabensky) tries to spare himself and his child from wicked powers in post-apocalyptic Russia. Cast includes Konstantin Khabensky, Mariya poroshina, Vladimir Menshov, Galina Tyunina, and Viktor Verzhbitsky. (132 minutes, 2006)

Mother: Sad youthful female who lives with her mom plans to carry out suicide. Her mommy invests the day trying to keep her from doing it. Well performed, prompted, and revised, although still just a stage drama. Cast includes Sissy Spacek and Anne Bancroft.  (96 minutes, 1986)

Jack Frost: A neglectful dad dies in an automobile mishap and comes to life one year later as a snowman in his child’s front yard! Nice, likable acting and an absence of violence make this an alright family film. However, it on no account conquers its quintessential issue, an extremely weird premise. Cast includes Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston, Mark Addy, Joseph Cross, Henry Rollins, and Dweezil Zappa. (95 minutes, 1998)

The Gene Krupa Story: Commonplace rendition of awesome jazz drummer’s life, his ups and downs, and his battle with pill dependency Cast includes Don Weis, Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner, James Darren, Susan Oliver, Yvonne Craig, Lawrence Dobkin, Crimson Nichols, and Buddy Lester. (101 minutes, 1959)

On Golden Pond: Fonda, in his last film, is no less than radiant as crochety retired professor Norman Thayer, Jr., furious at being 80 years old and frightened of losing his mind. Hepburn is fine as his committed, all knowing spouse who shares his summers at Maine lakefront home. Jane is his disassociated daughter. Cast includes Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, Doug McKeon, Dabney Coleman, and William Lanteau.  (1009minutes, 1981)

Hold That Ghost: Prime Abott and Costello, with the boys inheriting a haunted home. Fine cast contains humorous Davis as virtuoso stereo screamer. A highlight is the moving candle. Cast includes Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Richard Carlson, Joan Davis, Mischa Auer, Evelyn Ankers, Marc Lawrence, Shemp Howard, Ted Lewis, and The Andrews Sisters.  (86 minutes, 1941)

Belle Starr: Advanced Tierney miscast as infamous lady outlaw in gradually paced account of her lawbreaker occupation. Cast includes Randolph Scott, Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, John Sheppard (Shepperd Strudwick), and Elizabeth Patterson. (87 minutes, 1941)

Just Ask for Diamond: Witty, if infrequently cartoonish, investigator film burlesque, in reference to the baby sibling of a dumbbell detective and the puzzle enclosing a box of candy. Cast includes Susannah York, Patricia Hodge, Roy Kinnear, Michael Medwin, Peter Eyre, Nickolas Grace, Dursley McLinden, Colin Dale, Bill Paterson, Jinuny Nail, and Saeed Jaffrey. (94 minutes, 1984)

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