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The Italian: It was a brilliant heist that went of perfectly. The only thing left is to split up the loot. Steve pulls a double cross and attempts to kill all the others and take the money for himself. He gets away with the cash, but only kills the head of the operation John. Now the rest of the gang, and his daughter Stella, are out with a vengeance to get their money back, and deal with Steve.

They Who Dare: Powerful WW2 action flick with excellent personality delineation, tracking commando pillage on German-commanded Aegean air territories. Cast includes Dirk Bogarde, Denholm Elliott, Akim Tamiroff, Eric Pohlmann, and David Chafe. (101 minutes, 1953)

Stage to Thunder Rock: One of creator A. C. Lyles’ common Westerns with huge megastars. This one has Sullivan as a sheriff who finds himself in the position of having to arrest the outlaw group that brought him up. Cast includes Barry Sullivan, Marilyn Maxwell, Lon Chaney, Jr., Scott Brady, John Agar, Keenan Wynn, and Allan Jones. (82 minutes, 1964)

Bless the Beasts & Children: Arousing and well-intentioned, if repetitious, tale of 6 youthful black sheep boys, campers at a ranch, who try to free a hostage herd of buffalo planned for kill. The Barry De Vorzon and Perry Botkin music has gotten to be known as “Nadia’s Topic” and the Youthful and the Agitated topic spawned here. Cast includes Billy Mumy, Barry Robins, Miles Chapin, Ken Swofford, Jesse White, and Vanessa Brown. (109 minutes, 1972)

Paulie: A pleasing and entertaining family film. A caged parrot in the basement of a theological establishment interconnects his vibrant’ life tale-passing from one owner to the next-to a amiable and desolate janitor. A sugary-natured film that challenges not to be foolish; grownups should like it in conjunction with their babies. Mohr, who plays the sleazy Benny, is additionally the voice of Paulie. Cast includes Gena Rowlands, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, Bruce Davison, Trini Alvarado, and Jay Mohr. (91 minutes, 1998)

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm: Formulaic motor vehicle in regards to spunky gal who’s sent to live with her 2 abrasive aunts; mixes emotion, melodrama, and comedy, although requires the spontaneity and kindle of other Pickford films. Look for youthful ZaSu Pitts, in her film debut, as an observer at Mary’s carnival. Cast includes Mary Pickford, Eugene O’Brien, Josephine Crowen, and Helen Jerome Eddy. (71 minutes, 1917)

Dick Tracy: Big Boy Caprice and his mob are wreaking havoc on the streets of Chicago. Add to that, a loyal girlfriend, an orphan needing his help, being seduced by the sultry Breathless Mahoney, and a new threat in town know as the Blank, and you can see that Dick Tracy is a very busy man. It will take all his powers to save the city.

Ring: People see a video and then they get a phone call telling them they will die in exactly seven days. When this keeps coming true, this urban legend has come to life. Newspaper reporter Rachel Keller is a complete skeptic, so, she watches the video, and when she gets the call she has seven days to find the killer.

Man of Flowers: Kaye, a prosperous flora-admiring bachelor with a mother fixation, pays performer’s model one hundred a week to disrobe for him on call. Primordial however monotone mix of somberness and silliness; might catch your interest if you’re in the right mood. Werner Herzag plays Kaye’s dad in flashback. Cast includes Narman Kaye, Alysan Best, Chris Haywaad, Sarah Stroller, Julia Blake, Bob Ellis, and Barry Dickins. (91 minutes, 1984)

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