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Larceny Inc.: Humorous little comedy of ex-cons Robinson, Crawford, and Brophy utilizing a luggage store as a front for their operation. A scoundrel palyed by Quinn tries to horn in. Look for Jackie Gleason in a minute role as a soda jerk. Cast includes Edward G. Robinson, Jane Wyman, Broderick Crawford, Jack Carson, Anthony Quinn, and Edward Brophy. (95 minutes, 1942)

Absolute Beginners: This film is a British musical. The musical themes are jazzed based with Sade included in the performance. The film is set in London in the late 50’s, with young men and women coming of age as the setting. Eddie O’Connell, Patsy Kensit, David Bowie, and James Fox star. (1986 musical)

Beda: Sugary, disarmingly easy heartbreaker in reference to a once-pledging soccer competitor Venlstegui, now a cook at a NYC caf´┐Ż. He comes to the spiritual save of a pregnant waitress Blanchard while she’s fired by his sibling. First-time controller and co-writer Monieverde shows adorable constraint in relating this tale. Cast includes Eduardo Vemstegui, Tammy Blanchard, Manny Perez, Ali Landry, Angelica Aragon, Jaime Trelli, and Ramon Rodriguez. (92 minutes, 2007)

The Great Lover: Vintage Wish; Bob’s a boy-scout leader on transport filled with his troop, luscious Fleming, and killer Youthful. Cast includes Bob Wish, Rhonda Fleming, Roland Youthful, Roland Culver, George Reeves, and Jim Backus. (80 minutes, 1949)

Sex With a Smile: Five shows that pledge a lot as far as sex and laughter, then outside of Feldman part flounder to transfer. It is bulky on dry and bulky on reliance of experience from Italian affairs. Cast includes Marty Feldman, Edwige Fenech, Sydne Rome, Barbara Bouchet, Night Haddon, Enrico Monterrano, and Giovanni Ralli. (100 minutes, 1976)

A Good Woman: Ill-imagined rendition of Oscar Wilde’s Woman Windermere’s Fan filmed few times across the years, set in Italy instead of England and updated from the 1890s to the 1930s. A number of Wilde’s British characters now are Americans; one of them is Mrs. Erlynne a sorely miscast Seek, a bankrupt adventuress who shows up in Amalfi and decides to seduce very wealthy, recently wedded Robert Windermere Umbers. Cast includes Helen Seek, Scarlett Johansson, Milena Vukotic, Stephen Campbell Moore, Mark Umbers, Tom Wilkinson, and Diana Hardcastle. (93 minutes, 2005)

Alive: An incredible true story, Alive recounts the events of the Uruguayan rugby team’s fight for survival after their plane crashed in the Andes. The crash took place on October 13th, 1972, when Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 went down high in the Andes. In the end 16 of the 45 passengers on the flight survived the whole ordeal.

The Kingdom: In Saudi Arabia a terrorist bomber blows up a complex where westerners live. An elite team of FBI agents moves into the scene. They want to quickly get after the terrorists involved. They must have the cooperation of the Saudi’s. With the help of some of the Saudi police, they start to gain ground on the terrorists responsible.

Gangs Of New York: As a young boy, Amesterdam Vallon saw his father killed during a gang-fight in New York. Moving ahead to 1863, Amsterdam has returned to New York, and plans to avenge his father’s death. He eventually infiltrates the gang of Bill the Butcher, the very man he wants dead.

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