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Sometimes we get home late from the office or we’ve been out socialising and missed our favourite TV shows. If you don’t pay for catch up TV or TV on demand then this may be the solution for you. I have come home late many nights and missed my favourite shows, well not any more thanks to

Since the release of the wireless media boxes that you plug directly into your TV and stream media from your computer wirelessly, have released a site offering high quality streaming of all your favourite shows. The site has been well thought out making it easy on the eye and easy to navigate to your favourite tv shows.

Not only that but also allow you to watch movies for free aswell with no hidden strings or costs attached. They have a huge range of up to date films which you can watch instantly and a great admin team that will repair any broken links or videos. All movies and TV shows get checked regularly to make sure they work fine and are running smoothly. New content is posted frequently by the community and staff.

Thanks to the internet expanding and people coming up with new innovative ways of changing the way in which we do stuff sites like will always be in demand, especially if its a high quality site. There arnt many video sites that allow you to watch movies online all the way through without buffering and pausing the video every 5 minutes, has ample bandwidth to cater for even the busiest times.

The internet has grown rapidly and sometimes I look forward to what the future will bring. Already we can do our online shopping, order takeaways, book holidays, keep in contact with friends and a lot more. Written By James Thompson

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