What do we really Know About the Dr Who Ood?

The Dr Who Ood are more complicated than we are originally led to believe.  The Ood are a funny looking race with no apparent difference between male and females, all Ood look the same.  These squid faced humanoids with their coleoid tentacles over their mouths appear to be physically quite vulnerable.  They do not have the protection of amour or a tough outer skin, they are also further encumbered by having one hand permanently in use.  This is not the appearance of a race of fighters, so what are the Ood really?

What are the Dr Who Ood carrying?
The Dr Who Ood all carry something in their hand which is attached by a tube to their mouths.  When the Ood are a slave race they carry a translator which allows the Ood to communicate with their human masters.As the story of the Ood progresses we discover that originally they had held an external brain in their hand.This brain contained all their personal identity, so when the humans added the translator device they were removing their individual-ness and were therefore turning them from thinking individuals to anonymous slaves.The Ood had not previously needed to speak as they are telepathic and communicated within their race without speech.

Where  are the Ood from?
One publication suggested that the Ood came from the Ood Sphere, close the Sense Spere planet.  The Ood hive brain is found by the Doctor and is freed from its enslavement.  Once this is done the Ood change and they again communicate with the hive mind and they are all returned to the ‘Planet of the Ood’.  The Ood appear fundamentally peaceful, however, they become aggressive when they are controlled incorrectly, either by the Beast or the hive mind when it is under attack.  Once the Ood are no longer enslaved and the Hive mind is free their communication sounds like a sound song which is audible to humans, and time lords.This adds to the implication of a graceful, peaceful Ood home planet.

Since the Doctor and Rose freed the Ood they are forever in his debt.  This fact alone is probably enough to ensure that at some point in the future the Ood will be ready to help the Doctor and return the favor.  The Doctor may often fight the evil of the universe, but along the way he makes powerful friends who will stand by him when needed.  This looks like a possible future role for the Ood.

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