Who is the BBC’s Stig?

The cover on the BBC's Stig's identity has been blown. It is reported that the Stig is a married man with three kids and apparently drives a boring car. This is just the latest rumor in a strong of apparent revelations about the identity of the mystery character who is only ever seen on screen in a driving helmet. In 2003, the Sunday Mirror claimed that they had uncovered the identity of the Top Gear driver, Stig as former Formula one driver, Perry McCarthy. Perry McCarthy failed to confirm the rumor at the time only saying that he knew who the stig was and nothing. Yet, although he cleared himself of any knowledge of who the stig is, it is reported that he has been replaced by the current mystery driver who everyone is dying to meet.

Even music man, Jamiroquai singer, Jay Kay has been suspect of being the mystery driver. An insider has claimed that the infamous singer Jay kay had confirmed that he played the role of the mystery driver on several occasions. Other wild claims state that The Stig’s home is a shrine to himself and his walls are covered in pictures of himself, with famous his famous suit and helmet on display in a glass cabinet. Additionally, an art gallery owner in Bristol printed a picture of the Stig without his helmet on and had to sign a confidential agreement stating that he would never tell anyone who the mystery driver is. However, it is reported that he has already told his friends and family and as everyone knows, word of mouth spreads faster than wild fire. I dont think that the real identity of the Top Gear Stig will ever be revealed as it really would just ruin the TV show.

After an interview with a BBC representitive, it was said that “no one will ever officially confirm his identity”.

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