Why the Dr who wallet is such a good toy

After the BBC re-launched the Dr Who series there was a great frenzy of marketing to cater for the new Dr Who fans.  This new generation have different requirements, they are from a generation where there are toys for everything.  They are also used to television channels which have adverts on (in some cases there seem to be more adverts than programs).These channels are constantly pushing the theme of a toy for everything to our next generation of kids.  These are going to be the children of the recession and they are possibly in for a big shock.

Imaginary Play
The child development experts all say that our children are not doing enough imaginary play.  This is essential for development and they will learn about playing together, taking turns at leading play and to use a few simply props to create hours of fun.

Why the Dr Who Wallet is such a good toy
There are a few toys which are great starters for children and these are the Dr Who wallet and the Dr Who sonic screwdriver.  These are easy to carry and they allow a child to instantly become the Doctor.  Along with a few Dr Who books you will soon find that you child will be playing with imaginary friends and foe before you know it.  The Dr Who books are great for even beginner readers and they encourage the concept of reading and remembering, helpful for later at school.Once a kid has the basic characters memorized they will be off saving the universe for hours armed with a Dr Who wallet, and its accompanying psychic paper, and a Dr Who sonic screwdriver, which can do pretty much anything.

Why the Dr Who Wallet is So Unique
The Dr Who wallet contains psychic paper.  This is paper which usually allows the reader to see whatever they want to see, so it can be pretty much anything.  The ninth and tenth Doctors always carry their wallets and it is used often.  There is one drawn back to beginner uses of the psychic paper, if you are thinking something which you would like the reader of the paper to see this can become written on the paper (seen between Rose and Captain Jack in the Empty Child).  The Face of Boe also uses the psychic paper to get the Doctor to come and visit him, so it can be a means of communication.

Can you beat the Dr Who psychic paper?
During the Army of Ghosts Rose tries to use the psychic paper and find that the Torchwood trained employees have all been trained to detect psychic paper.  A useful tip for parents who have budding Dr Who fan kids.

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