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Daniel Boone: Alright action venture detailing a chapter in the life of the legendary pioneer and his leading of some settlers west from North Carolina into Kentucky. O’Brien is well cast in the title role Cast includes George O’Brien, Heather Angel, John Carradine, Ralph Forbes, and Clarence Muse.  (75 minutes, 1936)

Kingdom of Heaven: A blacksmith, reeling from personal catastrophe, is influenced to join the Crusades by an illustrious knigbt, who says he is the youthful gentleman’s dad. The new knight shows his mettle by demonstrating himself a man of the people who battles to accomplish harmony between the Muslims and the Christians when guarding Jerusalem. Impressive, mythical film manages to find nobility in the Crusades, although by no means loses sigbt of its core personality’s personal voyage. Cast includes Orlando Bloom, Limn Neeson, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Brendan Gleeson, Marton Csokas, Ghassan Massoud, Edward Norton, and Jon Finch. (145 minutes, 2005)

The Great New Wonderful: Striking drama, set one year after 9-11, concentrates on a variety of New Yorkers who either are battling to handle their emotions in regards to that atrocious night or in reference to their lives as if nothing had occurred. They contain a couple with a dysfunctional child, an older lady snared in a miserable matrimony, a set of security guards, and an outwardly affable accountant who worked at the World Trade Center, and survived. Discreet, incisive research of suppressed anger uses humor and observation to dramatize the irnportance of living a life that has meaning. Cast includes Olympia Dukakis, Jim Gaffigan, Judy Greer, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Tom McCarthy, Sharat Saxena, Naseeruddin Shah, Tony Shalhoub, Stephen Colbert, Dick Latessa, Can Amett, Anita Gillette, and Edie Falco.  (87 minutes, 2006)

Stairway to Heaven: Powell and Pressburger manage to straddle actuality and fantasy in a most disarming approach in this irregular tale of a guide in WW2 who claims he was unintentionally selected to die, and should now plead for his life in a Heavenly court. Cast includes David Niven, Kim Hunter, Raymond Massey, Roger Livesey, Robert Coote, Marius Goring, and Richard Attenborough. (104 minutes, 1946)

Rambling Rose: Evocative story set in 1930s Georgia, with Dem as an oversexed senseless gal who comes to work for a ladylike family headed by Duvall and Ladd. Vibrant, pleasantly detailed, and well performed, with numerous delightful astonishments during the voyage. Cast includes Laura Dem, Rohert Duvall, Diane Ladd, Lukas Haas, John Heard, Kevin Conway, Rohert J. Burke, Lisa Jakub, and Evan Lockwood.  (112 minutes, 1991)

The Belles of St. Trinians: Humorous movie of Ronald Searle’s cartoons about an entirely insane school for gals, run by a dotty headmistress whose brother, a bookie, desires to use school to his benefit. Cast includes Alastair Sirn, Joyce Grenfell, George Cole, Hermione Baddeley, and Beryl Reid.  (90 minutes, 1954)

The Big Trail: Mythical Western might appear creaky to some watchers, although it continues to be considered one of the most impressive early talkies. John Wayne was “found” for featuring role, and already shows his laidback charm. Cast includes John Wayne, Marguerite Churchill, El Brendel, Tully Marshall, Tyrone Power, Sr., David Rollins, and Ian Keith. (110 minutes, 1930)

Iron Eagle: This is a comic magazine film in regards to an eighteen-year-old who commandeers an F sixteen aircraft and soars to the Middle East (playing rock music on his WaIkman all the way) on a quest to recover his dad, who’s been taken hostage. Full of jingoistic superlatives, awkward morals, and individuals who die and miraculously return to life. Cast includes Louis Gossett, Jr., Jason Gedrick, David Suchet, Tim Thomerson, Larry G. Scott, Caroline Lagerfelt, and Jerry Levine.   (119 minutes, 1986) .

South Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance Expidition: Exceptional record of the fabled 1915 Ernest Shackleton journey to Antarctica and the stranded team’s attempts to stay alive. The tale has been remunerated and emphasized as long as then, however nothing could evaluate to this original, simple account with startlingly transparent footage that looks as if it was shot this moming (88 minutes, 1919)

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